How to Hire a Private Investigator in Kansas City

If you've been considering hiring a private investigator in the Kansas City area, you have likely done your research on expected costs, timelines, and expectations. However, as an industry veteran of several decades and the CEO of one of the longest-running PI firms in the Kansas City area, I have some valuable advice to dispense to prospective clients. 

Hiring a private investigator is an important decision, and it often comes at a time of emotional strife or turbulence. Perhaps you're going through a divorce, and your attorney has recommended the services of a private investigator. Or, perhaps you've discovered that you were adopted, and you want a private investigator's assistance in the search for your birth parents. Whatever the reason, you want to be armed with information when you make your decision. At Peace of Mind Investigations, we offer complimentary consultations to each of our clients because we want to ensure expectations are discussed upfront, and that our client feels confident in the services we can provide. Here are some things to know when you decide to hire a private investigator in the KC area:

1. Local is best: While everyone's situation is different, in most cases, hiring a local PI is ideal. Some of the investigation may require surveillance on the subject, or perhaps scouring court records looking for past criminal activity. Either way, a local Kansas City-area PI will have connections with law enforcement and court officials, so they'll be able to provide a more detailed report on the person of interest.

2. Gather Information: The more information you provide your private investigator, the more thorough the investigation can be. In an adoption case in which you want to locate your birth parents, or perhaps the child you put up for adoption years ago, it's likely you don't have full names, social security numbers, or other detailed information. However, providing the date of birth, hospital information, and adoptive parent information can be very helpful. Whatever your case is, compiling all available information for the PI upfront will save time, and therefore money. It could also be the key to your private investigator finding that 'needle in a haystack' detail that solves your case.

3. The Report: When you hire a private investigator, part of the service offered is a full, detailed report that serves as the conclusion of their services. Be sure to ask your PI what you can expect in your report. A high-quality PI firm will deliver a comprehensive report with all available details and information on the subject. If you requested a profile, the report will have things such as social media activity, previous employers, known affiliates, and other personal information. If your requested an asset search, your report will include deeds for homes and vehicles, bank account balances, and investment portfolio information. At Peace of Mind Investigations, we provide timely and comprehensive reports that contain everything discovered during an investigation, even minor details. We also set aside time to review reports with a client, so they can fully process the information included in the report. 

Hiring a private investigator can be an overwhelming process. However, knowing what to expect upfront will help prepare you for the days and weeks ahead. If you're considering hiring a Kansas City private investigator, call our firm. We can discuss expectations, pricing and how we can tailor an investigation to exactly what you need. Email us or call us at 888-411-9728 any time of day.